Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank you Southern Sass

for inviting us to join your week in pictures Linky!!

Passion Week and Easter 2010!!

We had such a Blessed and Wonderful Easter Week!! This is going to be a rather long post because I just have so much to share!! I probably could have done 5 post!!

Our Week started off by Celebrating Christ at Master Club!!

Anna Grace and Sissy are such Sweet Friends!!

Anna Grace is showing Sissy her Pretties!!
They are such Girlie Girls!!
Bubbies Singing at Master Club with the Group

Bubbies Shouting for Joy!!

Sissy made Lilly's with her precious hand prints and her teacher Miss Tiff read to them the Parable of the Lilly in Class!

Our Sweet Friend Ms. Ann spent a morning with the kids making Sugar Cut out Cookies!!

She had such patience with the kids helping them roll, cut and sprinkle their cookies! She use her recipe that was passed down in her family to her and she passed it to myself and Tiffany!! I am so excited to continue this tradition with my children through out the holidays!

Future Baker!!

The girls just loved making cookies together!

We are ready for some SPRINKLES!!

They eventually got the hang of it and enjoyed sprinkling the cookies
CJ trying to get in on a little sprinkle action

and some of us just enjoyed eating the sprinkles!!

Here we go!!! They survived making it to the oven!!
And Ta-Da!!! Didn't the Children do a beautiful job!!
It was a fun filled morning of flour, dough and sprinkles! What a mess but what sweet memories!! I will always remember this day!

CJ got in on the Action and had himself his first Cookie!!!
Sissy Enjoying the Sweet Reward!
Trey having a little Milk with his Cookie!
Our little Bakers are tuckered out!!

Just hanging out and enjoying a movie together

What do we have here??? HMMMM some Cookie monsters hid in the corner of the Kitchen and had themselves a little snack!!!

The weather was beautiful the week of Easter and we got outside for a little baseball action! As much as she is a Girlie Girl, Sissy is always right there beside her Daddy in the dirt! She loves sports of all kinds and loves to be outside!
Bubbies gearing up for a big hit!
Sissy getting ready for her big hit!
Batter Batter SWING!!!
Sis found mommies purse and got int some LIPGLOSS!!

Daddy and Sissy

How precious is that??? Melt my Heart!!
Daddy helping Sis drop her egg!
Pretty Pretty Eggs!
Bubbies and Sissy in deep concentration!
AHH they really do love eachother and are the Best of friends
CJ Easter Morning in his crib

Sissy Eater Morning with her Easter Basket
Bubbies Loves StarWars so He got Yoda for his new room!

Sis loves my llittle ponies and dress up

and CJ got some little books for the tub

This year for Easter We travel to My Brother house to Celebrate with his family. We had such a fantastic time! The weather was AWESOME!!! and My sister in law is a terrific cook!

My Niece and Sissy!!
CJ was tired from traveling, just snuggling with Daddy!
Giving tractor rides around the yard
My nephew blowing bubbles!!
Bouncen around!!
Oh yes and the New member of the Family!! Wesley Elvis
My brother and his family added another furry friend to their clan this week! He really is a great dog and is so gentle and kind. I am teasing when I put Elvis in his name because I suggested the name Wesley for him but said they could only use it if his whole name was Wesley Elvis!! You know I am an Elvis nut!! They did go with Wesley but I don't think Elvis stuck!! LOL But to Aunt Heidi it will always be Wesley Elvis!!

and let me tell you the Food we ate!!! AHHH was soooo good!! These were the best grilled pork chops and my Sister in law made this Peachy mustard sauce to go on them. It was devine!!
Grilled asparagus! YUMMO!
Homemade Mac and Cheese for the Kids

German Potatoe Salad

and look at this salad.....isn't it beautiful!!!
Strawberry Spinach Salad with her own homemade dressing

The Table Setting

Back outside for some Easter fun
Eggs and Candy Oh my!!

Grammy made these Fabulous cupcakes for Dessert!!
upcloseness to the goodness!! LOL
Bubbies enjoying Grammies goodies!!
Kat looking for the money and Candy Grammy hid in the eggs

Grammy and Sis! She must have a mouth full of candy but it was a good Picture of my Mom!

and the toad!! Geo found a toad in the yard as we were leaving that evening and he wanted me to take a picture! So as the good aunt that I am I got the camera and tried two times to take the stinken toads picture!! But it kept jumping on me!! YUCK!!!!!!! So it is a blurry picture of the toad because I didn't want it to leap on me again!! It was so funny! I was screaming like a kid!

I have to say this was one of the Best Easter Celebrations I can remember my family having in a long time!! I enjoyed every second of our week as we did our different activities and teaching my children the true meaning of Easter! My Best moment was when I was reading Sissy a flip book about Jesus and the week leading up to his Crucifixion. We talked about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and the Palms, we read several more books and I always go back and question her on what we read. When I asked her where did Jesus ride his donkey to? In the sweetest voice she said Jerusalem Mama. Glen and I just looked at each other in amazement of our little girl!