Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well I am a day late.  I wanted to post this yesterday but we had such a busy day with the start of Upward Basketball at our church and a game night at our house last night that I am just getting to it now.  So Happy Birthday to Elvis and Yes, I did Celebrate his Birthday with Peanut Butter and Bananas(his favorite sandwich)!!!

I have had a Love for Elvis Presley since I was a very young girl.  I am not sure were the fascination came from but I always joke that I was born in the wrong era.  As a teen girl when everyone had Ralph Macchio hanging in their rooms I had Elvis!!  ELVIS, ELVIS, ELVIS was everywhere in my room.  From Elvis Dolls, to posters and puzzles.  Yes, I am a nut!!

Well This summer my Dear and Sweet Friend Tiffany and her Family moved away from me in Ohio and to the Great Southern State of Mississippi....TEAR :-( sniff sniff  Tissue Please......But My family got to go down and visit them and see their new home.  YEAH!!!!!

Tiffany and I... her Last Sunday at Church before the big move to Mississippi
Tiffany Knows my love for Elvis and the Week that we were there was Elvis Week at Graceland.  Now I had never been to Graceland and it has always been a dream of mine to go.  So our Sweet Husbands kept all 5 kids and allowed us to go on a Girls Day to GRACELAND!!!! 

Well let me just tell you we were like to giddy teenage girls again!!  We had so much fun and it was just so absolutely amazing to share my First trip to Graceland with one of my dearest and closest friends.  It will be a memory I will forever cherish!!

Now I took Hundreds and I mean Hundreds of Pictures!!!  So this is just a quick snippet in Pictures of our Trip to Graceland!!  Thank you Tiffany for Taking me and sharing one of my Dreams with me.  I love you Girl!!

The Jungle Room!
Elvis Arron Presley

AHHHH Elvis!!

Isn't she so Cute!!

an awesome impersonator

a young impersonator we stopped to have a photo opp!

Lisa Marie and Percilla

I thought this room was so cool!!

My souvenirs


  1. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Wahhh :( I so completely choked up when I clicked over and saw our picture from my last Sunday there. I'm seriously trying not to all out cry right now. I'm having that moment your had when you called me that day we were at the zoo. (you know what I'm talking about girl:( sob, sniff) -Ok pulling myself together just a bit to say...How much fun was that?! For real, we are just silly. I love that we both had peanut butter and bananas yesterday for E-vies birthday. Did you break out your purse? play any movies? I don't own any and I almost bought Jailhouse Rock today at Walmart. (hee-hee) We are getting a big ice storm here so looks like we're going to be shut in for a couple days. I'll call ya tomorrow! -LOVE YOU MY SISTER!


  3. how FUN!!! i love elvis, too, and always have! i'm glad i found your blog again. my last one was deleted somehow :):) so i started a new one. i'll be visiting again soon!

  4. THANKS DEMETRIA!! Next time we go We want to do a Girls Weekend you should come with us!!! I would love to finally meet you!!