Monday, March 29, 2010

Week in Pictures

Thank you Southern Sass

for inviting us to join your week in pictures Linky!!

MARCH 21-28, 2010

This week the weather was funny!! We had a beautiful spring week the week before and got to go outside!! What a tease!! But as you can see this week we had to play inside!! Our local mall has a really cute play area for the kids! They just love it!

CJ playing

CJ and Trey playing together. So Sweet Trey was teaching him how to move all the different things.
CJ discovered how to slide on his own this trip!

AHHH! She loves her baby brother so much!

Peek -a -Boo!!

These two are the best of little friends!! They just follow each other all around and play! It just melts my Heart!

How sweet are these girls!!!! Anna Grace is giving Sissy a Kiss on the Hand!!

After all the playing was done Miss Tiff bought all the kids cookies!!

Sissy Stuffed the whole thing in her mouth!!

Anna Grace getting a little thirst quencher from her mama!!

My sweet baby boy!! 13 months!

Bubbies and Sissy Sunday after Church!

Sissy just being Sissy!! She is so Silly!

Me and my Diana Barry

I took this picture in our back yard. This is one of the older bunnies that lives in our backyard. I am not sure if it is the mama or the papa but it looks pretty big. Bubbies asked if it was going to have baby bunnies in our yard again? Every year for as long as we have lived in our house we have always had bunnies hopping around every spring! It is so amazing to watch! Sissy said, "Look mama it's the Easter Bunny!" This is the first year that she has connected it all together and asked me to take a picture of her Easter Bunny!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is my first week joining in on this Weekly activity. I am very excited about it! I love reading to my children and look forward to sharing the books we are reading and discovering the books you are reading!

I guess the Lord really knows how to Direct me! When I went to the Library this week I just kinda grabbed a couple books because I was in a hurry. I didn't really pay attention to what they were about when I picked them. Sissy is starting to really love Strawberry Shortcake, which I am just tickled by because I loved her when I was a child!! So my first book to share with you is SPRING FOR STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE.

children's toy store - Strawberry Shortcake Books - Spring for Strawberry Shortcake - Books - Strawberry Shortcake

We are talking about Spring in our daily activities around home because Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner!! One of my favorite times of the Year! When I picked this out of the children's bin at the Library I didn't really know it was about the season of spring, and this is how the Lord lead me to the perfect book for us.

Strawberry Shortcake wants to plant her berry special strawberries, but it seems like winter will never end!! So Strawberry goes on a search for spring. Will she find spring in time to grow the best strawberry patch ever?

Well I guess you will just have to read it to find out!


I have been teaching my children the importance of conserving energy and making the earth a beautiful place one step at a time.

I loved this book because it gave helpful hints on how to make the earth a better place for everyone on a level that the small ones can understand.

It's Earth Day, and Dora is making a scrapbook filled with tips about what we can all do to help save our planet. Celebrate Earth Day with Dora and her friends!!

Just another way the Lord lead me to the perfect book!!

If you're interested in checking out other books featured in this weeks Won't You Read to Me Wednesday you can click on the picture link at the top of my post. If you would like to join in this weekly series, visit our hostess Sarah Denley at In The Warm Hold of Your Loving Mind.

You can also visit Southern Sass for more fabulous book ideas!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week in Pictures

Thank you Southern Sass

for inviting us to join your week in pictures Linky!!

Our week in pictures March 14- March 21, 2010

Our week started by finishing Bubbies Clone Wars Bedroom!!

He got a new Loft bed with Clone wars Bedding and we put up a Clone Wars Border and Wall Stickers!!

This week was also my Birthday!! and I was spoiled Rotten by my friends and family!! Thank you everyone!!

Me and My Mom 34 years ago!

I received many gifts!! Everyone knows what I like!! Lotions, candles, Elvis and Books!!
and my husband bought me a rocken new digital camera!!

I love this bracelet that My Friend Lauren got me!!

Here are a few presents I bought myself!!

I was so excited when I bought these jeans!! I have been really watching and exercising since last summer and lost 30lbs!!! I have not bought my self a new pair of jeans for several YEARS!!!
Very exciting moment for me, all the hard work is paying off!! I am finally back down to my pre children body! Well Kinda with a few sags here and there now!! the curse of gravity! LOL

so next I bought myself a new pair of shoes because I wore my others out!! These are Sketcher Shape-ups and I love them!! They are so comfortable!! That's the kind of toning I am talk-en about!!

and lastly I splurged a little at Vicki's!!

I couldn't take pics of that stuff!!! but I can tell you it was time to get out of the granny panties!! LOL!!

Spring has begun sprung and we celebrated with a playdate at the park with our sweet friends!! We played for several hours and packed a picnic lunch!

CJ's First time at the Park!

Sissy on the Swings!

Peek- a- boo Anna Grace!

Here comes Trey down the Twisy slide!

My flowers are starting to pop their way up to be enjoyed!!

To end the week Bubbies had his last Basketball game. He was involved in a wonderful league called Upward. It focuses on learning the game and being competitive but still being Christ like in your actions! They held devotions and had memory verses every week!

Team Hug

Bubbies getting his award!
I love that you can see the Cross and scripture on the basketball court!!

Team Shot!

Saturday Night Glen took me out to El JalapeƱo a Mexican Place in our Hometown for a Date night with some of our friends. They heard us talking about my birthday and well......

I got the sombrero!!!

and whip creamed by the waiter!!!