Monday, March 29, 2010

Week in Pictures

Thank you Southern Sass

for inviting us to join your week in pictures Linky!!

MARCH 21-28, 2010

This week the weather was funny!! We had a beautiful spring week the week before and got to go outside!! What a tease!! But as you can see this week we had to play inside!! Our local mall has a really cute play area for the kids! They just love it!

CJ playing

CJ and Trey playing together. So Sweet Trey was teaching him how to move all the different things.
CJ discovered how to slide on his own this trip!

AHHH! She loves her baby brother so much!

Peek -a -Boo!!

These two are the best of little friends!! They just follow each other all around and play! It just melts my Heart!

How sweet are these girls!!!! Anna Grace is giving Sissy a Kiss on the Hand!!

After all the playing was done Miss Tiff bought all the kids cookies!!

Sissy Stuffed the whole thing in her mouth!!

Anna Grace getting a little thirst quencher from her mama!!

My sweet baby boy!! 13 months!

Bubbies and Sissy Sunday after Church!

Sissy just being Sissy!! She is so Silly!

Me and my Diana Barry

I took this picture in our back yard. This is one of the older bunnies that lives in our backyard. I am not sure if it is the mama or the papa but it looks pretty big. Bubbies asked if it was going to have baby bunnies in our yard again? Every year for as long as we have lived in our house we have always had bunnies hopping around every spring! It is so amazing to watch! Sissy said, "Look mama it's the Easter Bunny!" This is the first year that she has connected it all together and asked me to take a picture of her Easter Bunny!


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  1. ok, I don't even know what to say! sniff sniff. You are just the sweetest! I'm so glad you're my bosom friend as well. See you tommorrow for our Easter cookie bake. :)