Friday, March 12, 2010

My First Born


I wanted to share with you a bit about each of my children. Bubbies is our first born son. He was born the summer of 2001. Bubbies is a kind and gentle soul. He is a very loving and snuggly child. Bubbies loves Basketball!! Recently he was most interested in the 2010 Winter Olympics. We had so much fun watching every night together. He also loves to Watch Survivor. We just redid his room from Thomas the Train to StarWars. He got a loft bed which he is very excited about. I have included some pictures of Bubbies through out the years of his life.

Bubbies was bout 1 week old in this picture. My Grandma Gerri is holding him. I am so Happy That I have this picture of Him with his Great Grandmother(my mom's mom), His mom(me), and His Grammy Tine(my mom)!! My other children never had this very special moment since is with Jesus now.

Bubbies at 3 months old. This picture is special to me because I had CJ's Picture taken in the same outfit when he was three months old as well!

Bubbies at 6 month learning to drink from a sippy!

Bubbies on his first Birthday!

Bubbies is 2 years old and we are loaded up ready to leave for our first Family vacation to Myrtle Beach!! He loved crocodiles so we took him to this really cool place at the Beach that had all kinds of crocs there. We still call him Bubbies Crocodile!!

Bubbies and I He was three!

We decided Bubbies should try Soccer at the YMCA! He liked the snacks much better!!(3years 2mo)

Bubbies has always loved Star Wars!! This was at Disney right before his 4th birthday!

Waiting in line at the Dumbo ride!! He was very patient it was a 2 hour wait!!!

Minni Mouses House

Bubbies started Preschool when he was 4!

Bubbies turned 5 and went to Pre-K!! Yes I made those cakes!! This was his first year of T-Ball! Which he is still playing but has moved up to Baseball now!

Bubbies Pre-K Picture 2006 5 years old

Bubbies is Now 6 and starting Kindergarten!! His baby sister was born the same day! Poor Kid I missed his whole first week of Big Boy School!


First Year Bubbies Played Basketball!! He loved it!

Summer of 07 T-Ball

The Big First Grader!!
7 Years old

Bubbies has the Sweetest Heart and Loves Jesus! Bubbies accepted Jesus as his Savior When he was 7 and I had the special opportunity to pray with him while he asked Jesus into his heart! He said this all on his own. Christmas 2008

Bubbies at his 8th Birthday Party at the Park!!

Bubbies Second Grade

Bubbies is now in the Second grade and is 8 years old. He has had perfect attendance since Kindergarten and received special academic and art awards last year. He is in Master Club at Church and just earned first place for his age group for most creative paint job on his pine wood derby car. His Great Grandpa Shivley was a fantastic artist and painted all the way up until he passed away at the age of 93. I pray that he is the one that passed down the creative jean to Bubbies and that this talents grows and develops as he gets older.

Bubbies is so happy to have a baby brother and sister now and enjoys them so much!! He loves to play with them and help me take care of them. He is a true blessing from the Lord to our Family. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Bubbies and I can't imagine our lives with out him!!
Bubbies at the Circus!

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